Purple Rain


It’s all out. 

Yesterday the oncologist delivered good news. In a straightforward manner. I wanted to hug him (I didn’t). The margins are clear, the lymph nodes are clear. No more surgery is required. The next stage is radiotherapy and hormone medication. What a relief.

The breast cancer nurse – who I get on with because she has such a wicked sense of humour – did get a hug. She’ll also be getting a scarf when I find the right colour (I love scarves – they make me happy).

But all of this was tempered with the sad news I spoke of yesterday. Today we attend a funeral. My friend’s favourite colour was purple. I’ll be wearing a purple scarf today. And amongst the inevitable tears I’ll be smiling, I think she’d have wanted me to do that.

It’s not raining outside, but it feels like it should be. The sky is overcast, there’s not much colour out there today. But colour is such an underrated and important thing. From here on I’m going to adorn myself in colour.



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