Lean on me

How many of us think we are completely independent? That we can go it alone, deal with our problems and not bother anyone with them? And at the same time consider ourselves a source of support for others? Most of us I reckon. But in the words of Bill Withers, we all need somebody to lean on. I’ve been leaning on my friends, colleagues and family a lot lately and I want them to know how much this means to me. So here is me telling you all – thank you for the loan of your shoulders.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 22.15.52

I love this photo. And the story behind it. Withers is performing here with his daughter, though he walked away from his musical career a quarter of a century ago. His backstory is well worth a read; boy from a poor background, a child with a bad stutter, joined the navy at a very young age and was determined to make something of himself, found music and wrote some great songs. Including Lean on Me. Some of his tale resonates with my own family, and perhaps yours.

Anyway – back to the theme of this post. I’ve been missing my friends a lot recently. Being off work it turns out is tough, as I love the social side of my job – I do a lot of ‘outreach’. Keeping in touch via social media is all well and dandy, but there’s nothing like seeing people and having a good chat and a laugh to really cheer you up. I like to think I’ve done that in the past – and have always tried to visit people in times of need. I think I’m there now – in needing the visits, that is. Being home alone too much is not good for a person. Well, this person.

However it’s complicated. Not only do I have the energy of a sloth still (though it’s improving incrementally, day-by-day) but the place we’re living in is not our home. So hosting visits is tricky. And although we were supposed to move back home this coming weekend, turns out that’s not going to happen after all (grinds teeth). (The story of why we aren’t living at home can be found on YouTube). There are other factors mitigating against having friends round too (not for a public post!)- so I’m just going to have to get behind the steering wheel again and come to you if you’re close enough (it hurts to drive). Or you to me.

So who’s up for a visit? Or willing to hop on a train and meet me by the station? There’s a microbrewery (is that the right word?) up the road, a host of cafes and a little park close by. I’m still a great listener so you can bring me up to date with your news – and if you want details of the the op or what happens next or even to see the scars I will share the gruesome details (at my discretion and depending on where we meet!).

So let’s lean on each other. And let’s remember that we all need that at times. And those who know me know I’m not too good at asking. But this is me asking, nicely.


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