Oh, what a beautiful morning


(Image from Oklahoma – Oh what a beautiful mornin’)

It’s the summer solstice today, 21 June. And it’s 14 weeks since I found out about the breast cancer. 14, 21 multiples of 7. 7’s a lucky number isn’t it? See I can’t help myself – always have, always will think in numbers.

Yesterday I went back to work – properly – for the first time. I’ve been ‘back’ since start of the month but this time I went in for an actual work meeting. June and July are busy months with several presentations approaching so I needed to get back into work mode and start planning, thinking, doing again.

It was a delight and a pleasure.

OK, so it was a beautiful day. Campus was quiet (students have mostly departed for the summer and will just be back for graduation). The sun shining helped enormously. But I couldn’t help but be overcome with a sense of good fortune. I’ve listened to the news avidly in recent weeks, paying more attention than usual as I’ve had fewer (work) distractions. Ever the social scientist I am appalled by the persistent inequalities reported in our society. A shocking figure I heard recently is that the age of death in poor males in Kensington and Chelsea is 14 years younger than their more wealthy counterparts. That’s just in one London borough. Shocking isn’t it.

Recent events – personal and national – have made me count my lucky stars. I’m still here for one. I have a great job, wonderful colleagues and work in an environment that constantly questions what we’re told. And my family are just the best. Youngest daughter is about to turn 18. Bringing up 3 children has been a challenge but an enormous privilege. I understand that now (and it’s not always felt like that).

So, on this beautiful morning (and at the risk of sounding like a corny Radio 4 ‘thought of the day’ presenter) let’s all breathe in, breathe out, and take a moment to think what we have. Just look up. It’s a beautiful morning – but even if it’s raining remember the sky is blue above the clouds.

I’m heading into work now……



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