102 days on I’m in Melbourne

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 14.17.38

According to this handy little tool it’s 102 days since I had the operation to remove the lump.

I happen to be in Australia writing this. I’ve come out on a 5-week long research trip. Lucky me – based in Melbourne but getting to travel to Canberra too and maybe Brisbane. Oh and some pleasure thrown in with son number one and his wife who live out here – we’re planning to go get us some good wine tasting in Adelaide.

So not bad really – given I only went back to work in June.

I do love travelling. I especially like how it helps provide a new perspective. It can be a lonely business though, although made much easier now by being globally connected 24/7. Making the effort to see people is also a life-saver. I have managed to already have dinner with someone I met at a conference last year (she now lives in Melbourne) and I’m meeting someone I worked with years ago in the UK who is here for a conference. Plus of course I have a series of meetings and presentations lined up, the express aim of which is to make connections.

And yesterday I picked up the pen again and started  new chapter on The Book. So all in all it’s going well, especially given I’ve not been here even a week yet.

But some work thing has blown up back home and I’ve had to write to my employers to say I may not be up to completing a bigger workload when I’m back. The hormone medication I’m on has a known side effect of fatigue. Which I seem to be suffering from. It could of course be the fact that I’m here in Australia’s winter, Or I’m still jet-lagged (I am). But if I’m honest I do not have the zest and energy I had prior to the op. I do hope it comes back but it hasn’t yet. I’ve also suffered some of the most excruciating pains in the breast that was operated on, knitting-needle-like stabbing pains. Most disconcerting but apparently completely normal. Normal maybe but not nice.

Anyway – this is me documenting my return to working life, including the international travel which I cherish so much. But at the same time reflecting on the way I need to remind myself to slow down, pace myself. And remind my employers of that too. I hope they listen.


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