The air that I breathe

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 16.13.35

It’s Thursday. I’ve had a busy week but I am done for the week now, and finding it hard not to feel guilty. What’s that all about? I’m supposed to be on a phased return to work after all.

I’m having a very successful trip here in Australia, with invited visits lined up to Canberra next week and (to be confirmed) Brisbane the week after – hopefully for warmer climes. I’ve written half a chapter of my book. Made lots of connections and set up three internships here for next summer.

So of course I’m tired. This would be an achievement for my pre-breast-cancer self. Coming back to work after such a short spell off, then coming out for an international trip has taken its toll. But I’m determined to not let this get to me. Moreover I am going to let myself take my foot off the pedal (after a good week so far) and go enjoy some fresh air in the Barossa wine region. Oh and some wine of course. And cycling. And more beaches on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Being on the other side of the world is hard as I miss my family. Luckily though I have dear family here to see and support me. And of course the sea air and the beautiful coast helps.

So I’m off to breathe fresh air. And savour it. And replenish myself.



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